Want To Make Better Dating Decisions?

Conserve your time, energy while protecting your self-worth

  • Gain clarity on the partner you want
  • Valuing yourself and knowing your Yes’s and No’s
  • Your coming from a place of wholeness
  • Find healthy love because you have it with yourself first
  • Strong copying skills for ghosting
  • Dreams and hopes for the future
  • Energised for the future.

Date Coaching is the solution. You will receive personalised consultations that meet your unique needs.

Date Coaching will support you in the unpredictable world of dating.



A Dating Coach can help you...

eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours

let go of past baggage and resentments.

learn how to enjoy and create opportunities to meet potential mates

become very clear on your dating and relationship goals

become confidently authentic so you meet the right person

through practical advice for online and offline dating

manifest your ideal mate

As a Dating Coach, I will help you gain clarity and confidence around dating, so you enjoy the entire experience.

Increase your self-esteem and help you find that special person and not just settle.

I’ve been here so I know!! 

Dating after a 30-year marriage/relationship was an absolute eye opener. 

My Date Coaching is proactive, solution focused, emotionally focused, compassionate, non-judgemental, and uplifting. 

Having a coach in your corner while you travel on this path overcoming the obstacles you are facing can be so supporting.  Gain clarity, increase confidence and find healthy love with yourself and romance.

Reasons Why People Seek Out A Dating Coach:

  • Struggling to find someone to spend your life with
  • Suffering with low self-esteem and self confidence
  • Had a string of bad dates, attracting in the wrong person
  • The clock is ticking and your starting to panic
  • our addicted to seeking validation from outside of yourself
  • Wanting to start a family and find that right person
  • Out of a long-term relationship and dating is daunting!
  • Barely had any dates or a long-term relationship
  • Unhealthy past romantic relationship
  • Overthinking and constant mind chatter


Reasons To Hire A Dating Coach:

  You’re wanting to feel good enough, worthy, and confident.

  You’re wanting to clear negative patterns, subconscious blocks and outdated conditioning that keep you small in love, sex, and relationships.

  You’re wanting to consciously attract the perfect mate to fulfill your relationship dreams.

  You’re wanting to connect to your true self and walk your authentic path.

  You’re wanting to deepen intimacy through conscious communication and authentic relating.

  You’re wanting to take your love, sex, relationships, and life to the next level.

You may have had negative past relationship experiences including being cheated on, abused, or felt unempowered. 

Healing this and living in the present and manifesting what you want in a partner is so rewarding and self-empowering. 

I provide a combination of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching depending on what is needed.


Talking therapy exploring your feelings, limiting beliefs, patterns, and baggage, plus strategies and tools.

Psychotherapy Emotional Mind Integration

Cutting edge neuro-trance psychotherapy. Resolve conflicts, disturbances, and traumas. Suitable for stress, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.


Maximize your potential and reach desired results. Accountability and change to reach desired outcome.


In each session we begin with a check in and a follow up on what you committed to do in the previous session. A mixture of Counselling, Coaching and Psychotherapy throughout the package. Past, present, and future.   Accountability is key with the investment you have committed too. 

Whether it be in person or online, you will feel heard and understood as you begin unpacking the feelings you are experiencing which is what brought you to my page.



Invest In You

Invest in yourself and create your ideal life through the transformative power of coaching and a 6-session package designed around your unique requirements and needs in the dating world and manifesting your ideal partner.

The Dating Package will give you the opportunity to explore and begin clearing any blocks and limitations in your way and a vision for the future. A series of coaching sessions creates momentum, motivation, energy flow and can create lasting transformation and change.

It gives your vision to life and your relationship with yourself and can create lasting transformation, healthy patterns, and the next level ways to enjoy your life.


Working on your self-esteem and confidence through coaching can transform every area of your life.  This includes your relationship, career, parenting, resilience, and daily wellbeing because it changes how you feel about yourself.


The aim is to resolve issues at the root cause, produce lasting change, and help you to achieve and sustain confidence and self esteem relatively quickly.  With this you can then plan and manifest the future you want and deserve.


I offer a Structured Package for those individuals that are ready to invest the time, energy and money that is needed to reclaim your wholeness and authentic true self.





Date Coaching is PERFECT for individuals who:

  Have a desire to go to the next level in love, sex, relationships, and life.

  Want to lay a strong foundation including good communication and self-awareness. To improve their life.

Committed to the inner and outer work.

Wanting accountability.

Open minded and willing to grow and expand.

Have a desire to be more conscious in their relationship.



Date Coaching is NOT SUITABLE for couples who:

Are looking for a quick fix.

Cannot commit or be accountable to do the work.

Do not have the time and space in their life to commit to this.

Have addiction, chronic stress, or long-term depression present.

Not willing to be coached.

Not willing to be self-responsible.

"Without divulging in personal details, Helen is very easy to feel comfortable with and demonstrates understanding, empathy, and actively listens to (and hears) what I have to say. Ranging from my experiences with loss, couples counselling, personal reflection, and assisting in small ways to approach a situation or emotion – I am very grateful to have found Helen."

-Kristie Harris
"After my marriage ended, I was lost and confused.  I worked with Helen to work on my self-esteem and feelings of low confidence.  I’ve worked with counsellors before but the way Helen structured the sessions I began to notice changes straight away. The psychotherapy has been instrumental in my growth as I didn’t realize how much of my past was affecting me.  To let go of past heartache and make plans for my new future has helped so much.  Thank you Helen"
-Anonymous Coaching Client
"Helen’s approach to emotional and mental health is very holistic I have been so inspired learning how to create a life that excites me, and that fills me with “Passion, Purpose and Power.”
-Angie Sensor

I have experienced first-hand the powerful transformation from a wounded-self, suffering low self-esteem and self-worth to becoming an authentic empowered self.  From being an adoptee into a large multicultural family, to having a 30 year marriage dissolve into divorce and being a mother to three adult sons, I have accumulated a wealth of lived experiences and personal traumas that I needed to overcome.

My desire to personally transform turned into a passion to help others traverse their challenges as well.  I keep my finger on the pulse with continuous education, workshops and personal development and have completed training and certifications with the following:

  • Trained with AIPC Australian Institute Professional Counsellors.
  • Training with the Awakening Group including Holistic Counselling and the Work of Byron Katie
  • Certified Life Coach with Real Education
  • Emotional Mind Integration (Psychotherapy)
  • Hypnotherapy with The Richards Trauma Process
  • Trained and Accredited Mediator
  • Member of ACA, Australian Counselling Association to include monthly supervision sessions and 25 hours per year of ongoing training.
  • I continue to do courses with Esther Perel, Juliet Allen, the Gottman Institue and Dr Joe Dispenza
  • I am a published author, speaker, and workshop facilitator.
  • I am the Host of the Empowered Marriage Podcast which is now into the 3rd season


How I Work

  • I hold a neutral, safe, non-judgemental space for you to be vulnerable and share your inner world.
  • I support you to grow by inviting you to go inward.
  • I give you insight into yourself and invite you to explore what is underneath surface reactions.
  • I help you to thrive by encouraging you to cultivate self-responsibility, self-love, self-acceptance, and connection to your true self. Seeing, feeling, and letting the false self-go.
  • I fully accept and be with you where you are right in this moment.
  • I guide and facilitate from a foundation of knowledge and lived experiences.
  • I’m emotionally focused and solution focused a combination for growth and change for the clients that choose to work with me.

Coaching is an opportunity to laser focus on your greater vision for yourself while letting go of what is not working to get faster results, lasting change, and transformations.